raw* marinara sauce

*this assumes that you use all raw ingredients!
2-3 ripe tomatoes, chopped (about 1+ cup)
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked or oil-packed
1 red bell pepper, chopped (no seeds, 1 cup)
4 Tb. oil - we used flax seed oil
2 Tb. fresh basil (or 1 tsp dried)
2 tsp oregano
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt (Himalayan, if you can)
a few dashes of black pepper and/or cayenne (if you want)

Combine everything into a food processor (with an S blade) and process until smooth.  Stop to scrape the sides if you need to.  Store in a sealed container in the fridge.  It should keep for about 3 days.  Use over zucchini noodles - pictured above!  (or anything you'd like!)  
glory to Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet

Veggie Juice

Here is another recipe that mom sent me - a green vegetable juice that she is drinking to fight disease.  It has less sugar for that reason.  It is best when used with all organic ingredients.  This recipe makes about 2 quarts of juice depending on the freshness, ripeness and water content of the vegetables.  Cut the recipe in half to yield 1 quart.  You can also taste and adjust the ingredients to your liking.  Put all the following ingredients into your juicer!  Enjoy!

10 stalks of celery
1-2 cucumbers (peeled if waxed)
2 bunches of Kale
2 bunches of spinach
2 bunches of dandelion
1 granny smith apple (optional)
1/2 stalk broccoli (optional)
1 lemon (peel the yellow rind, being careful to leave as much white pith on the lemon as possible)
1/4" ring of fresh Ginger Root, peeled
7-10 stalks of parsley (add last, after all the other ingredients have been juiced, because it tends to bind in the juicer)

Tips for success
1.  Strain fresh prepared juice to increase absorption and benefit to the body
2.  Store juice in glass jars with rubber seal.  Fill jar as full as possible, as extra air trapped in the bottle destroys nutrients.
3. The highest nutritional value is within the first 45 minutes after making the juice.  This is not always feasible; however, do not make your juice the night before.  At a minimum, make your juice each morning and evening.
4.  Buy enough vegetables for a weeks worth of juices: when you bring the vegetables home, wash immediately and dry thoroughly.  Cut off root end of spinach and celery to separate, rinse thoroughly with water or remove all dirt.

Alkalizer Juice

This is a recipe for Alkalizer Juice, that my mom (or mother in law) is drinking to fight off disease.  It has been her favorite juice so far!  She drinks 1 quart per day!  (plus her normal Veggie Juice and raw foods.  She is incredible!! Please pray for her. 

You will need a good juicer for this recipe!  

5 granny smith apples (minus the core)
1/4"  ginger (peeled)
1-2 lemons (peel the lemons, but leave as much white pith as possible)
Add all the juice to a 1 quart glass jar.  Fill the remainder of the jar with clean filtered water. 

kale & avocado salad

kale (one bunch, cut into 1 cm cubed chunks, no thick stems)
oil (1-2 Tb) - either olive oil or flax seed oil
Himalayan salt (a pinch or two)
Avocado (about 1/2, depending on how much kale you use)

extra veggie options:
small plum tomatoes, cut in half
olives, sliced
sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
onion, diced small
spring onion
bell peppers, diced

add last:
the juice of 1/2 a lemon (or more depending on taste)

Fill a large bowl with your kale (chopped small). Add about 1-2 Tablespoons of oil and massage well. The kale will begin to soften and change pretty quickly, as you coat it with your hands. Add a few pinches of Himalayan Salt and massage in too. Then you can add your soft avocado and continue to mix well with your hands. Add any other veggies you might enjoy. We really love them all, but esp sun-dried tomatoes and spring onions! We got this recipe from my mom who gave us a link to this nifty Raw Food coach (Karen Knowler) online. Here's the link to her youtube video! Enjoy!